Almond Oil Press Machine

Almond Oil Press Introduction
Hydraulic oil press adopts home-use and oil processing plant.
It is available to almond oil, macadamia oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, pumpkin seeds, kiwi seeds, etc.Can press more than 20kinds of nuts.Fast pressing process ensures you eat fresh edible oil at any time.

Almond Oil Press Features

1. Low temperature pressing,keep the nutrient content.
2. Food grade quality, safety and healthy.
3. Easy to operate and little maintenance cost.
4. High pressure,high oil yield.
5. One pressing process only needs 7-8 minutes.

Almond Oil Press Structure
The whole machine is scientifically designed and mainly composed of three parts: the main body, hydraulic transmission and electrical system.

Almond Oil Press Application
Automatic hydraulic oil press is the most advanced equipment and it is a best choice to instead of hand-operated worker currently. Auto hydraulic oil press is the easiest to operate, having the highest oil yield, the least to replace wearing parts among all the range of machines. as it can press less amount per time(2-8 kg / time), and processing shorter timeļ¼ˆ8-l2 minutes / time), particularly suitable for people from large cities to spend less money to buy real goods, rural towns can ensure fast processing of incoming (get their own fuel oil), known as assured oil. the main processing oil crops are: sesame, walnut, castor, peanut (groundnut), almond and other high oil crops.

Almond Oil Press Technical Data

Model Capacity Press time Voltage Motor power Max Work Pressure N.W G.W Overall Size (mm)
BY-180 3-4kg/time 7-8mins 220/380V 0.75kw 55Mpa 550KG 600KG 780X830X1230
BY-230 7-8kg/time 7-8mins 220/380V 1.5kw 55Mpa 880KG 930KG 830X930X1450
BY-260 9-10kg/time 7-8mins 380V 1.5kw 60Mpa 1000KG 1100KG 950X900X1620
BY-280 13-15kg/time 7-8mins 380V 2.2kw 60Mpa 1400KG 1500kg 1000X1050X1550
BY-320 15-20kg/time 10-15mins 380V 3kw 60Mpa 2000KG 2100KG 1050X1200X1580

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