Soybean extraction requirement on the materials

The pretreatment of soybean can make the material structure and properties meet the process requirement of extraction and obtain good extracting effect.

Soybean Flaking Machine  Soybean flakes

1. Damage soybean cells as thoroughly as possible.
2. Material should be thin and firm with small powder. The extracting distance would be shorter with large contact area of solvent to improve the extracting efficiency. Thickness for direct extracting of soybean is 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm.
3. Proper moisture. The extracting solvent is insoluble in water, if the moisture in the material is higher and the internal space is full of water, it will affect the penetration of solvent and dissolution of oils. Thus, the moisture of material should be low (< 13%, 5 ~ 7%).
4. Proper temperature. If the material is in high temperature, oil viscosity would be lower and easy to flow with good extracting effect. But the temperature should not be higher than the boiling point of solvent to avoid the solvent evaporation. Thus, the material temperature should be controlled in 45 ~ 55°C. It should not be more than 60°C.

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