The maintenance of small hydraulic oil press

First, pay attention to keep the surface of the cylinder piston clean. Dirt or grease should be avoided.

Second, hydraulic oil within the tank must be clear and impurity free. The oil must be filtered to remove the impurity and ensure the oil unimpeded. Generally, hydraulic oil must be filtered or replaced after using for a certain period of time.

Third, it can not be too fast when adding pressure to the oil pump, otherwise the whole hydraulic system would be impacted that the pressure-bearing equipment and its accessories would be destroyed, thus influencing the service life of oil press. So does oil return of oil cylinder. The high pressure oil must flows back into the tank evenly.

Fourth, the handle of the hydraulic oil press can neither be lengthened at will nor vacillate from one side to another so as not to damage the machine parts.

Fifth, the relief valve cannot be taken apart and it is strictly prohibited to adjust the spring. If the oil pressure exceeds its rated value, it would lead to pipe or cylinder blasting accidents.

Sixth, check the service condition of hydraulic oil press regularly, especially the vulnerable parts, such as the packing cup, sealing ring, steel balls, oil pump, piston and so on. The wearing parts affecting the safe operation should be repaired or replaced timely. Regular inspection, cleaning and repair work of hydraulic oil press should be done.

Seventh, the equipment shall all be scrubbed clean when not in use temporarily. Parts that are easy to rust should also be oiled and wrapped with oilpaper or kraft paper.

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